There is no excuse

When TAXI into the resort, when stopped in the lobby, links faint nod, a mood to listen to what God could not “goodbye”, let Links feel unbearable. So cold, he made her feel distant and cold. She only bitterly links of london uk back “goodbye” word, and then stared back of his left, in the heart give yourself to determine a “troubled” rating.The three-day “Yacht Club” hospitality close to the end. Sun Lili ready early in the vehicle, pick a pedestrian went to visit and tour. In name, as Zhaowei Long “assistant” Links, there is no excuse for refusing the invitation event – God knows how much trouble she is now, do links of london charm not know how to face the links.Private plane to visit with the display, compared to more luxurious yacht. But all this is for the Links, only made her feel out of reach. Looked at the giant quietly waiting for the owner’s instructions, set foot on the soft red carpet, the face can be “luxury” word to describe the interior decoration, her mind only one thought: all this, good untrue .Seems to Hainan from the links of london jewelry day she entered a false world. These easily tens of millions or billions of the world’s top luxury goods, was placed in her, like relics in museums, as beautiful, but never thought to encroach.Yes, She should hold such a sense of balance, appreciation, do not expect the owners, but in the past few days along with links london wholesale links, she should not have a fixed idea, so now only come to land.Is he sick of.This perception, as if a thorn deep inside, so she secretly dull pain. She remembers this morning everyone in the lobby of the resort, links everyone is still smiling nod, say hello to Father Zhao. But she understand it, and not the same. To links charm her, his smile is polite and unfamiliar, like is the resort as a staff member of any standardized smile, but not up to my heart.His attitude is very clear. In his eyes, but she Links Zhao Dong assistant Bale. For cooperation between the polite, but also for his own training dictates, he will be polite, but would not allow her to move more step forward, no longer would allow her to him as mentors, as friends and Yoshitomo, depending links of london charm bracelets on the as she calls the “boss.”His indifference, for her melancholy. In this way ride to the airport, she absent-minded, do not want, do not want to talk too much, just looking out the window constantly changing landscape. And the past, the same blue sky, the same clouds, the same blue sea, the same links of london sweetie ring Misty trees, beautiful and sunny again, but obviously the scene, but in her grave, all lost their flavor. The sun was shining again, can not dispel the haze of her heart.”Little Sue?”Suddenly the sound of ringing in the ears, the Links from the fugue being back to reality. This time, she was sitting on a chair in the cabin, others are on aircraft performance and price for interpretation and understanding, she sat and sat on the only God.