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They open forest of Snow Storm, have rushed to the Ling Cang past.Tsang-Ling until the enemy came near to, and turned to kick the right leg at the same time, with the heel hook to a. Ling Cang stride followed by a red, leaned over a leg sweep Church, but also brought down two.Jasmine is not the links of london sale opponent, not these people clean up the problem, only a short martial arts, a few suits and men lying on the ground they all cried.But Ling Cang feeling painful, remember that the dissemination of fetal heat, more hot. At links of london the same time the body becomes weak, it seems there is not enough oxygen in the lungs, could not breath still came the heavy waves of suffocation.”No matter what you do in the end, Lin Snow Storm is my classmate, Ye shall not hurt her.” Ling Tsang looked at each other, light, said: “Also, here is the school, to go outside to resolve any problems! If I touch the next time is to you, not so polite! “”Little bastard, you friendship bracelets know who we are?” The other side, led by the ferocious stare Ling Cang: “You’re dead!”"I really do not know what you are, or you introduce yourself?” Tsang-Ling lifted foot on the other side of the wrist, back and forth and moving force of the screw: “In addition, one can avoid death, but I do not Sibu Si You can decide! “Men feel a suit is to be crushed arm like a general, piercing the general shouted, till tears discount links of london started to flow out. Tsang-Ling He at first only to the poor as an ordinary student, but now look at Ling Cang, but it felt like a vicious general.”Description does not come out? Then forget!” Ling Tsang let the other side, Lengheng loudly: “quickly here!”"You’re a smelly student, MA, waiting for me!” Suit men stood up clutching his wrist and led his men scratching and scrambling to run links bracelets farther.Wait until these people invisible, Lin came to Snow Storm, concern and asked: “You did not hurt, right?”"I’m fine.”"Oh, thank you.”"You’re welcome, I do not mean to interfere, but only links of london sweetie rings just met.” Export words, some of Ling Cang think is right too selfish, so he quickly added: “What’s more, we are students, help is it should be! “”In any case, should thank you, you are a good man … …” shallow smile, then walks away Forest Snow Storm, both did not say goodbye, nor other said.Tsang-Ling Lin looked at the back of Snow Storm, I feel this is a very strong girl. Is clear, she Links London Watch has a lot of trouble, you can contact before but did not see it.This shows that she can show the best side to others.Back to the hostel, dead pigs do not know another twist a few times, half lying on the chair, deep breaths. See Ling Chang, he immediately stood up: “I’m hungry, let’s go out to eat it, last time you got it, this time let me.”