She still smoke

Then if someone over, will not realize that just happened battles, but died a man, just thought it was boring here, burning garbage.Ling Cang long to sigh of relief, I suddenly felt faint some hot arm, then looked and found some of the birthmark fades, the other part is slightly red.To lay down arms, Ling Cang links of london casual glance around, suddenly saw a forest of Snow Storm shuffling footsteps came.Ling Cang not want to be seen, quickly hid behind a rockery, and then steal a observed in the past. Snow Storm saw the forest a stone links of london charm bench to sit in the pavilion, from the bag and pulls out a box of Moore.Lin nothing like playing Snow Storm, very wild girl, so Ling Cang very strange: “She still smoke?”Snow Storm out forest fires machine, after the shallow lit cigarette smoke, and then a bad cough up, it seems links of london wholesale that will not smoke. And pumping a few bites, coughing a few times, her cigarette on the floor, sitting there staring blankly, a preoccupied look.Not too much for a while, some wearing suits and ties from the outside into the men came in front of Snow Storm Lin, made a “please” gesture: “Missy, please contact us back.”Forest Snow Storm looked these people smile twice asked: “He sent london links you here?”"Yes.”"I have nothing, why do you let me go back?”"There are several documents need your signature.”"I’m sorry, I do not want to return to the so-called home … …. As to those documents, there is not important … I signed …” Snow Storm in heavy forest grunted, eyes full of stubborn: “Will he london links jewellery even be able to forge, get a few of my signature is not a problem. “”But Master said, have to ask you back.” The other said, up the forest around Snow Storm: “Missy, we do not BI hands!”"Do not you dare links of london sugar cane ring hands?” Lin Snow Storm stood up straight and proud of the chest: “Then give it a try, he just headed not long to kill sister! I see him in this society, the future also how a man! “Listen to the dialogue to know that this is met a wealthy scores. Tsang-Ling amused, and gradually they forgot to cover, put his head out and explore the results for the other one a glimpse: “Hey! That links of london rings sale guy, what you see!”"See things too!”Other Shun Kouwen the sentence: “See what?”"You!”"I’m not anything … …”Ling Tsang a laugh: “You really have self-knowledge!”Each other a bit startled, then angry: “You’re a poor student, living Niwai, right?!”Snow Storm Ling quickly pulled each other: “He was just my classmates, do not know, do not make life difficult for him!”The other apparently anything in the fire, not daring to attack Snow Storm on the forest, put Ling Cang as a punching bag.