Just opened the door

The Snow Storm Sister, we have never seen you practiced, or you go to show us now?”Forest Snow Storm wear skirts, big range of motion certainly emptied, the proposal did not ill-wishers. But she is very good to deal with these requirements, smiled politely declined: “I do not have time, today is not the past, but links of london sale still wanted to come see you.” She looked at the table, raising his hand and later said: ” time, and I have to go, we continue. “This is simply a circus club activities, Tsang-Ling was very boring, wait until the forest left links of london charm of Snow Storm, also went looking for an excuse to leave.Back to the hostel, just opened the door, Tsang-Ling came to hear the dead pig inside a low voice: “ah … … I am forced, GAN die you … … cool! Really cool his MA!”"Dead pig, are you doing?”Dead pig is facing a computer screen, a hand holding the mouse, the other hand what is past men working desperately. Ling Cang links of london sweetie bracelet hear, then suddenly he was covered in a Jiling, then saw an white liquid gushing out, paste in the screen.Dead pig sigh, and turned to blame: “I CAO, before you can come say hello, scary scary man!”"I do not know what you’re doing.” Shrug, Ling Cang very embarrassed, said: “That does not bother you, I will go!”"Do not, ah, have returned to take a look at it!” Swallowed, dead links of london rings pig is very exciting introduction: “The tide CHUI Queen Saki Otsuka film was finally out of the infantry, but also in the second XUE the same time, I just under the electric donkey together and see … … “Next, the dead pig is actually emitted a long list of standard Japanese, it is estimated that video introduction. But links of london charm bracelet just think of dead pig to do, there are those who are slowly drip down from the screen, the white sticky liquid, Ling Cang do not mind this: “Well, you enjoy it, I suddenly thought still do not deal with! “Ling Tsang said something, in fact, nowhere to go, no option but to hide behind the school to smoke.School a sizeable rear garden, planted with many rare plants which also have pavilions repair is Heart Disc Charm simply a small garden, named Unnamed Park, and Beijing University, echoed Weiminghu famous tall.Ling Cang just sit down in a rockery, not far from it came a girl: “You are Ling Cang?”Ling Cang Long Lelong involuntarily hair, still a little bit Deyizhiyu accidents themselves one after the links of london sweetie bracelet jewelry Ariake did not do, how there are girls attracted to seek them out.The girl had been pretty, medium build, XIONG Department and the hip is very full, looks very attractive. But do not know why, she feels very cold, his face painted with a very thick makeup, the body with an air of dust, nothing like the students.”I just … …” Ling Tsang nodded: “Who are you?”"Jasmine asked me on the line.”"Jasmine open in Hong Thriving, Tian Yu mixed flowers messy.” Tsang Ling smiled: “Good name.”