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Ling Tsang went over: “I ask you is … …”"I’m An Tenglong, ancient weapons community leaders.” Ling Cang force each other and shook hands: “I’m glad you joined, I have to tell you about.” Ling Cangzhou links of london charm and those keen to wait until the oral strong JIAN female students in The group members met, the Anteng Long also said: “I heard people say, when you and people in the bar hands, one can deal with several, should be a good skill, talent is the community needs.”"Actually no, I did dig the crotch is inserted, but the eye, by the way what the lime powder spread points.”"Yeah … …” An Tenglong’s mouth links of london uk twitch a little, going to say, a girl came in from the outside.Yi Miqi ten in height, though somewhat thin, but the place is not the slightest ambiguity convex. She has a beautiful oval face, hung faint smile, upper body wearing a silver trench coat, the following is a black skirt, a pair of flat feet Dengzhe shoes with black paint.Many schools allow students to make-up, one where the atmosphere is very links of london jewellery open, many girls makeup. This little girl will not cut powder fat, look fresh and pleasant, really like lotus-like.An Tenglong immediately greeted by a smiling past: “Snow Storm, how do you come to.”Forest Snow links of london wholesale Storm, third-year sister school, spent three years a group of classes.Many people wonder why she was not concerned with the model or the performing arts community, have to join the military societies of ancient Laus child. She happens is the ancient martial members, if not for the other members too unbearable, I am afraid she can attract many people to join.”A little something, so wasted.” Lin links bracelets smiled Snow Storm: “No late too long it.”"No, just the beginning.” An Tenglong face smile as bright with flowers, look at other people, it is he kept swallowing, his eyes could not help him in the forest Snow Storm sweep to sweep.Forest Snow Storm turned a blind eye to others, but added a saw Ling Tsang: “The students, in the past have not seen.”"I am three classes of high school, just joined the links ring community.” Ling Cang politely held out his hand, and shook each other. Forest Snow Storm of the skin is very good, it feels like to hold a Warm Jade, so Ling Cang almost do not want to release.”Well, the official activities begin.” An Tenglong clapped her hands, a member said: “Lee edge, you’re not out of school for three months in Chen Tai Chi do, to demo it for you.”"Good!” The Lehi Power’d unambiguous, stepped forward to training up wheezes’s. Although the training very hard, Tsang-Ling links of london bangle Chen Taiji felt like he learned at the roadside stalls.An Tenglong also very disappointed with a lot up in person presentations. He did some martial arts, one by one and a norm-like, looks like the fill the gap casual ease, but unfortunately can also be used to perform in actual combat is less of attack.An Tenglong training until the strike, the previous high school girls YY Lin members conspire side of Snow Storm, Xipixiaolian proposal: ”