The society left downhill

Old Wu society. His slogan is, tap the essence of traditional martial arts, martial arts back to the right track.In this founding under the leadership of seniors, the idea is once the ancient societies Wu catch, but he admitted to the institute, the society left downhill, getting worse.In accordance with school rules, there links of london sale is not enough if the number of associations, we should be dissolved. But the ancient Wu society can always move back up a few people, has been constantly been wandering the edge of their own dissolution. Most links of london charm of this mixed community, nothing is left to eat, do not work the Lord. In other words, are some other societies who do not want to be.School leaders and teachers who think a bunch of high school students what can not be accomplished in the martial arts on, so they do not trouble, it laissez-faire sweetie bracelet attitude.In general, second only to the ancient martial archaeological societies miserable, as the most miserable of archaeological societies, I have never been out of the ancient test. Each club activities, up to a nearby hill is the turn around, and then gather to discuss the study room “Ghost Blows.” Of course, they never discovered the tomb, with an age not more than ten years of the links london charms bricks.Tsang-Ling Liang Xiangyu patted on the shoulder, in all earnestness, said: “Man, with your skill, and if the Societies to the martial arts, or kickboxing, karate clubs, is certainly to be reused. Why go to this ancient military organizations, people follow the You can also look down on it? “Ling Cang Hey smile: “But I’m a man, is a comparison of non-mainstream, so I reported to this club now!”It so happened that afternoon, the ancient military organizations have activities, Ling links of london sweetie Cang signed up to participate directly after the.To the activities of the school where the indoor stadium, they would understand why the Liangxiang Yu Ling Cang despise this club, I saw members of one Zhangtoushumu, the image of wretched. There are two long, quite pleasing to the eye by accident, and also with a high degree of myopia, a look that is a bookworm.A very links of london sweetie bracelets high very thin, looks a bit like Pan Toutuo students, stealthy and next to a student, said: “Three Class Two sheets of ice that really good, especially that of the sub-NAI, really big head, walking, to flutter ah flutter in the … … “Another student immediately pick up said: “Do not know how many people were touched, of course, big enough, I heard that she and third-year members Links London Necklaces were cheating on all sports.”"On CHUANG it?”"Nonsense, or how people specifically looking for sports members, not engage in sports because of that thing you fierce enough … enough …”Ling Cang listening in the next, a bit worried about the two men and then chatter continues, can not help but spot his pants started to rub.After a while, a tall, handsome, looks very sunny boy came in: “You’re Ling Cang, right?”"Yes.”