She was admired

Whenever understand the point of the music people know, the king of the violin known as the string is the orchestra in the most difficult, not ten skill is difficult to perform on stage.Although many of the performers on stage playing the violin at the time, it looks like the ease, action, and sawing wood links of london charm Meiliang Yang, in fact, contains behind the hard work and sweat. Moreover, learning music is spiritual in nine-plus-one points to, if the talent shortage, the sweat flows more like water only as worthless.Some students feel the presence of Ling Cang destined to be a Dan Mianhua the material, and the basic insulation Music.Even for quite some goodwill Ling Cang Shen Lei, who also links of london is no confidence. She was admired Ling Chang, born in poverty by their own efforts was able to come to the North’s most famous elite schools. In addition, she spent in the valley Ling Cang kind of life is very curious, because it is her experience and had never seen, and thus filled with many romantic reverie.However, after discount links of london all, this society is the family origin pursued, that the white background and family to determine a person’s everything. Tsang-Ling can not drop out of high school Dan Mianhua has been a miracle, and if fortunate enough to graduate from high school can be admitted to a university makes sense, it is estimated is to study how the growth of cotton.Violin This thing is art, and cotton, nothing links of london wholesale to do, so it will not be linked, and Ling Cang.Ling Cang know where, in their own minds of students, and cotton was destined to deal with confidence in that uphold, said: “Rest assured, though I was not very good pull, but in our county makes the winning of! “”Okay.” Shen Lei who nodded: “Since new links of london you insist again and again, give you a violin!”"Yes … …” Liang Xiangyu think of things: “You have not reported associations it!”"Yes ah, I almost forgot … …” Ling Tsang list just with a community, come see the glances, a name which was immediately intrigued: “Chinese ancient weapons?”Several students laughed, Liang Xiangyu straightforward: “You replace it with a lively point of it.”"This is links charm not fun?”"Hey, is not only not fun, simply … …. How should I say, simply can not say that!”"Yes, what is the ancient Chinese military?” Ling Tsang said, pointing to another directory on the association: “is not a Chinese martial arts community already has it?”Several students laughed, or where Shen Lei patient and give a detailed explanation Ling Cang up.Originally, Ariake one major difference Links London Necklaces is different from other schools, the extracurricular lives of students is quite rich, there are a large number of various categories of society.Both of these communities organized by the school, but also the spontaneous formation of students. Chinese Wushu on the part of the official establishment, is the oldest school, one of the largest number of societies.Later, a family of origin, martial arts students, feel that the Chinese martial arts to go downhill, to get rid of those truly lethal tactics, simply the pursuit of action look good, the martial arts into a dance technique, so that China also set up