Not indifferent

She finally in 30 years old willingly himself married happiness. Fingertips of time goes by, the years of silent, relentless stream of people passing in the Carrying a suitcase, looking around, slowly walking in the streets clear and links of london yet also seemed to blur. Three years, is ah, three years! Home town has changed, gone past the calm quiet, not indifferent to the past of Elegance, smell fresh and width of the former natural vain. At first glance, to erect blocks of high-rise Yiran, former glazed tile house was gone; flow of people on the street scattered in every corner of the bustling; whistle constantly in the ears, bursts of harsh. Suddenly, a strange feeling links good, all this has come about is so calm, more so casual!Went on the bridge near our home, so I am kind and warm heart that is still quietly stepped bridge on the river in the animal husbandry and kind, it is so calm, so quiet dedication to, the people still hold up in the past . Onto the bridge, gently touching the bridge links of london sweetie bracelet of the bluestone, as if to intimate and comfortable with durable, this is the joy of reunion, which is reviewing the dream. Bluestone bridge, the length of the split spot mottled moss, scattered between the trace of it through the ups and downs, it exudes a quiet room far from the long and deep. Standing on the bridge, Fu Shen looked at the little river fish free, feel with the river water has been recalled back links london uk to childhood. Child, her favorite station bridge watching the water that fish was. At that time, I just looked at her silently look happy, laughing in the water in the West to stop flashing, her beautiful figure, is the most beautiful river ripples, is my best memory. Lift, Zhang looked around, her figure … she not see links rings this moment, his eyes damp with thick heart can not stop jumpingShe lives in my house next door is moved from the remote village of that year, rural Midwest flooding, her family moved into the city all his family came Because the government did not arrange accommodation for them in time, her family lived in our house. At that time, we still wide, they live in a family are still very wide. Mom always said that to, ah, our family gathering a crowd. Yes ah, home is exciting, but, and a strange people who live links of london charm together, I always feel a little uncomfortable, just the beginning, I always nagging mother, I do not live at home, I’m so not used to, I was to Second, we uncle lives over there better. Mother angrily scolded them: You ah, how are not used, and before that home desolate, and now is not it? You, on the other in the downtown of the. Second uncle say you busy, and her time to take care of your kid a troublemaker in the Egyptian links of london bangle mother, but I said, angrily ran out of the house. Out of the yard, and I slowly came to the river bridge, animal husbandry and kind. Standing on the bridge, looking at the small river flowing gently from afar, and feeling good end in disappointment, thinking my mother would not let me live it to the second uncle, gas up on the Bay in waves. I kept kicking foot bridge quartzite, toes are playing hurt.I do not know of a long standing on the bridge, the sun sets and faster, and then, spoiled me and I was not going to go home, so the mother decided to admiration. As it come to think of the time, I was so naive, and too sensible.