The tears in her glittering

She said nothing, but from behind each flower on hold that only POTS. Is he had sent her a different is, the clay was lonely, a cluster of empty colorful flowers, in the open positive. She said she had received a lot of flowers, but sent men to her flowers, he is the only one.It is a very common small flower, local name, flowers. The links london sun petulance tolerance… In the fields of rural peasant yard, the flowers, Zaire landed on root, root will sprout, drought, also is not afraid of water from the summer rain, and drove to the autumn to reed. He is carrying a bouquet of flowers Zaire marriage to her: the love is the last drop broken bottles, blue and broke off, and the break is not dead, but love for links a soil, and a seed, ordinary POTS also can leave happy. “wherever, don’t forget the mountains have a friend opens a links of London shop in worrying you, must good!” Then, he turned the tears in her glittering and links of london necklaces translucent, leaving only a underfoot figure, slowly and dash an blend…A year later, she carries with it a new medical certificate earnestly seek him, to share the joy of rebirth. For he finally has a chance to say “thank you”! And all her daughter of shyness Yes, she said to him, one year ago, she is a pocket for dead heart just dial aimlessly ran to their guard of that mountain. Hospital said that her links of london rings mind may endanger her life. But her in the mountain, and there he was, he gave the “red” seven, let her know, even life only seven days, also should enjoy the life in seven days, and the glory of the release. Then she smiled and brave face every day, again went to the hospital to review, until the doctors surprised links of london sweetie rings that new medical certificate handed in, tell her that her life to engulf the bad sight unexpectedly whole cell… But she did not perish, but that the tolerance for husband, to oneself, study, work, for a given goal advance bravely, Leash into the heart of the mountain, with a strong self-confidence interpretation, running for President, after the hopeless next. Such a strong woman, no wonder though she had Links of London Chain sixty years, many men still think she is sexy.In this mountain, confident, positive and optimistic attitude towards life, more show them to the cause. Our family, also want to do, we can’t light water, or men scooped up little ripples in our hearts will be lifted, our hearts paradises to become rain still stand near the links jewelry shop proudly peaks, so, whether links of london sweetie bracelet sale in the years before the man, or we will be under the erosion of the scenery never fade.These, I wish the children weep bosom desperate to understand! I said the teacher did you find in, look like he was disappointed. I laughed, I give the love back to me quietly. The woman’s 30 years old, is a threshold, the threshold of this summer, the threshold is already stepped over toward the past.