Sailor Tunic Came Back; The Stars and Stripes Became Popular Fashion Crowd

Fashion crowd suddenly became “patriotic”, in the boom of the Stars and Stripes, the red, blue and white were important sign of sailor tunic’s resurgence in the spring and summer, anyone who does not love this classic and changing color combination?

Do you note that since the Chanel’s red, white and blue stars and stripes pattern was lift runway in spring and summer of 2008, the red, white and blue “flag colors”, the Stars and Stripes and the two “flag pattern” became the most fashionable elements in the fashion world, many fashion idols wore them to the party holding fashion magazines with a flag bearing the two elements on the handbags. Popular Things about your Witching sexy dresses But if you always used the word elements or star and stripes will certainly be labeled “flag lovers” nickname, but the red, blue and white “flag colors” had been accepted by people, it can be called timeless color on the wind sailing combination. 5 Hot cheap sex lingerie Collection in the Year Of 2010

If the fashion element had a low season and peak seasons, then the sailor tunic will return at the spring and summer annually. Fashion Trend in the Year Of 2010: sexy costumes It is therefore, the delightful red, blue and white color combination is a must-have almost in every spring and summer, even it’s essential compared with the other trends. Look On Gym: cheap sex lingerie ! Can you imagine a spring and summer without ocean modeling or less red and blue?

They are the best colors to wear

Navy wind and sailor tunic loaded every year, while this season’s red, blue and white flag wave began to spread from Stars and Stripes loved by the idols. What is Bad for the Appearance of sexy costumes ? If you really wanted to say that the flag was associated with the navigation, then, in fact, sailor fashion trend, installed as a classic started in the royal family. You See, free press release directory list Overpower the Fashion Trend of Duisburg Queen Victoria made a set of small sailor suit for her 4-year-old Prince Edward in 1846, so as to make sure he had clothes to wear on the Royal Yacht, but there were no colors in the marine form. Designers found that saturated red could be used to light the shape of the entire marine colors, and blue seemed to be in full swing, while white was not so monotonous, and the best of all was that navigation style was more changeable! It can be said that in addition to fringe elements, three colors of red, blue and white were the varied and innovative combinations.

From the Milan fashion week, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s younger line D & G extensively used the red, white and blue, of course, just from a red anchor on the shirt chest, we can once again know the spring and summer is approaching. While Gucci does not have evident identification in the pattern, but also there were the red, white and blue colors on the T-stage.

The best of New York’s is Michael Kors, this season the designers take turns to use three colors of the stripes, strong fashion sense is even beyond the sailor tunic’s holiday atmosphere. Among which the dark blue pinstriped red combinations are most worthy of recommendation, we should buy any such pattern of thin wool cardigan, tight-fitting long-sleeved shirt and dress!