Clip de “Superhero Movie”… y Emmy Rossum habla en su blog

Clip de Superhero Movie
Esta disponible un clip de la película de “Superhero movie”, de hecho es una parodia para Tom Cruise, la verdad la personalidad de Tom es muy patética, y ya es muy ridiculizado por Hollywood… y en este clip esta la muestra. jajaja

——————————————————————————————–Emmy Rossum habla en su blog de Dragonball
El Blog Emmy
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Hey guys,

Happy Easter! I hope you are all painting eggs, rolling eggs and eating lots of chocolate bunnies!

Sorry its been all quiet on the western front. Ive been so busy in Mexico finishing up Dragonball but we just wrapped yesterday so I JUST got home and this is my first opportunity in front of my computer to write to you. Its been nuts for about a month and a half working nights (on a schedule of about 5pm-8am) outside, but our spirits have been high and it was such a blast. Ive missed writing to you but Ive been exhausted after coming home from work early in the morning. Im finally home (at least for a few weeks) and its a mixture of happy and sad. Wrapping a movie is kind of like the end of school, you miss all your friends that youve bonded with so much but you are eager for a little rest and a break from all the hard work. Ill be starting work on something else in 3 weeks so I wont have much time to rest but Im really looking forward to the simple things that I can enjoy while being home, getting to see my friends, sleeping in my own bed, hanging out with my puppies (who are growing so fast!) and eating at my favorite restaurants.

On another note, due to some personal things that have been going on with my family, Im getting involved in a new charitable outreach that Ill be able to tell you about soon. Its something really close to my heart so I hope to share that with you and raise awareness as much as we can.
I worked out how to video blog (bear with me, please) so Ill be sending you something later this week.

Lots of love..

Básicamente habla de que ya termino su participación en la película “Dragonball” en Durango el pasado 21 de marzo y ya esta en su casa.
Cabe señalar que como he comentado con anterioridad, la película se seguirá filmando hasta finales de este mes, posiblemente Emmy ya acabo su participación… o quizas todos… pero la siguiente semana se seguira filmando por aqui.

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